One investment that is a smart choice: buying a home.
By Sultan Newman Group January 22, 2019

The Sultan Newman GroupAs the stock market takes us all on an unsettling roller coaster ride, leaving us worried about where our finances will land on any given day, there’s one investment that is offering sure-fire returns: a home.

“At a time when stock market performance is all over the map,” notes The Group in a recent newsletter, “many homeowners in Colorado—and across the country—are realizing steady earnings from their biggest investment: their homes.”

The Group took a close look at home values in Colorado, noting that many homes purchased one year ago in Greeley, Longmont or Colorado Springs saw double-digit increases in value. Sold prices in Pueblo were up 9% from last year.

Equally impressive, homes in Denver saw 10% gains between June of 2017 and June of 2018.

Slightly lower results—but still notable— have been found nationwide. “Looking at the country’s 100 largest metro areas, found annual returns for home sales were up 8% between June of 2017 and June of 2018,” notes The Group.

In sum, homes remain a solid investment for your personal bottom line.

If you are interested in buying or selling in the Denver market this Spring, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members! Eric & Joseph would be more than happy to sit down and discuss your needs.

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